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After a stressful week I couldn’t wait to get home and soak myself in the bathtub while I reply all my social media messages. I feel like I am practically not living, just existing. Every day its work,work,work including the weekends. Can’t even remember the last time i had sex and Bj has really been complaining a whole lot. By the way BJ is my boyfriend, an entrepreneur who supplies office furnishings to top tier companies. He is loaded and also big down there plus the cheerie on the cake is, he knows how to use and this weekend I will be needing his services.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Nkechi,everyone calls me NK. I work as a CFO for one of the top oil and gas companies in Nigeria. I love my job don’t get me wrong, its just that these days I barely have room to do other things not even time to hit the gym. I have the perfect body though, full boobs, height, shapely hips, small waist infact the whole figure 8 thingy everyone is clamouring about.

Enough rambling about myself. A client canceled on us which made my boss give us the remaining week and weekend off and in my head right now, I am mapping out my plans for my mini holiday. Bj already promised to come spend the weekend with me, hence a trip to the spa where I went all out including waxing . My hole is literally about to be drilled for oil.

On getting to my house,my gateman was nowhere to be found and I had to get down to open the gate myself. After driving in, was walking towards the gate to close it when a call came in from my mom. Wetin she want self? I asked no one is particular. I love my mom but she is such a meddlesome and troublesome person infact all the somes u can think of.

While managing to receive her call, I tried to close the gate then walked back to pack out the groceries bag, my laptop bag and my handbag. Mommy, I don hear you, will come on Saturday. Ok now, take care. I dispatched her as I unlocked my door, took everything in and shut the door. Took the groceries to the kitchen,went to my room and as promised soak myself inside the bath tub with some aromatic and sweet smelling bubble bath soap. While listening to Simi’s album, I went through my social media pages for about 30 mins till hunger pangs drove me out of the tub. I went to my room to wear my favorite sheer nightie then proceeded to the kitchen to warm myself a plate of delicious Singapore rice noodles i got from yin and something, can’t remember the name.

As I sat to eat my food, I got a call from my baby. Where are you dear? He asked me. I am home and about to eat dinner, I replied.

I am in front of your gate but it seems your gateman isn’t at the gate. Oh yeah,he travelled, coming to open up for you i told him. I went to my room to wear my batbrobe then I went to go open the gate for him. After he drove in and locked up his car,he gave me a hug and a peck on the forhead then proceeded to give me a full gist of his day as we made our way into the house. Babes come and eat i said. Don’t worry,i have eaten already,i think a shower is in order he replied. Alright,let me finish up then i’ll come join you i told him. I could hear the sound of thunder I thought to myself. I peep through the window to check the sky then came to the conclusion that it was about rain. Yaay!!!

The storm grew louder as the raging sounds of rumbling thunders continued, the swooshing sounds of the swirling wind made it seem like the perfect weather for a romantic hook-up in a movie. Just as i got to the room after locking up the doors and windows,I screamed cos i spied a rat run past my leg(when did rat infest my apartment i thought).He flung the doors of the bathroom opened and came running in like a knight in shining armor, only that even as this knight had no armor, he even looked sexier all soapy and wet with his towel hanging precariously on his waist.

He wiped the water off of his face.

“What happened” He asked hastily, his husky voice filled my ears. Water draped from him as he groped for sight to see what was happening as he used the back of his hand to wipe his face. He loosened his towel a bit halfway and wiped his face.

I saw halfway down to the top of dick.

“Nothing” I replied.

“You sure” He said and looked around like he knew why I was screaming.

He stared at me for a while, at first with concern, then that ebbed gradually and escalated into lust, the same lust we shared, the underlying reality of wanting to voraciously devour one another.

He broke the contact first,smiled at me then walked back into the bathroom.

He waited a while before he ran the shower again. I couldn’t stand the tension, the imagination and the thought of him inside of me propelled me forward. I wanted him bad and the feeling was mutual i could tell. I walked into the bathroom, he turned stunned, he wanted to write me off, to ask me to leave but he was also thinking between his legs.

As the cold water bathe my skin, I could feel my nipple even harder, I shuddered and stared at him, he stood still and dumbfounded but I wish I could say same for his dick, his dick gradually became erect, staring confidently at my direction.

I walked towards him and stroked it a bit, the water lubricating the strokes, and my palm moved easily, his dick wasn’t overtly huge but big enough.

I knew it had to be enough to do the job, that and he looked like someone who knew his way around female erogenous spots.

He wanted to speak but he couldn’t find words, he stood there and moaned mildly at every stroke.

It was as though the water became even warm. The droplets made way through my legs hitting my vagina. It felt like the first time I had water run down my vagina, I could feel my clits pumping hard, as hard as my heart was in sync with same rhythm.

I knew he wanted me as badly as I wanted him, but he took his time. He kissed my neck down to my chest, then my lips, his right hand picked my left leg up to his waist and his left hand hung my both hands above my head.

He abandoned that a few moments later, his right palm stroked my breast, this time using his thumb to circumvent the nipple edges, purposely avoiding the nipple itself then he stopped and stared at me, he stroked his index finger along my spinal line, I could feel my knee weak and cold.

He stroked my hair and then kissed me again. He let out a mild moan of fulfilling pleasure.

“Fuck me” I said,

“Fuck me hard”

He smiled and I could taste his laugh in my mouth.

He kissed my stomach all the way down to the top of my vagina and he paused, he stared back up at me and smiled again. His smile had a certain feel of voracity about it. Like a predator devouring a prey. He knelt down and raised my left leg above his shoulder and kissed between the thighs.

With his tongue he licked all the way up. He kissed my pussy and paused then looked up and smile.

Gosh, the pressure was much, I moaned even louder and he kissed it again then slid in two of his fingers gently stroking and thrusting slowly, then he breathe on the surface of my vagina before he sank his face in.

He kissed it like he had did my lips, passionately with a little more tongue this time, he kissed on for a few more minutes. I moaned even louder, tapping and pulling his head in even deeper, the pleasure was exhilarating and self-consuming, he gave oral like he was taking a fruit, like if he went any faster it would fall off, he knew when to stop and when to not stop.

If sex was grammatical, he had his sex punctuation perfect, exactly in the right places his concord and tenses. He knew how to make me beg for more.

The words as to how I felt were lacking, all I could say was; “fuck me”, and all he did was smile.

After a while he stood up and kissed my neck, then my ears, he caressed my breasts, sucked the nipple then he turned me facing the tile wall which had a mirror on it. she immediately straddled him, positioning his dick to her wet pussy, she sat down slowly with her eyes closed enjoying every bit of it, when he was all in she started to move up and down slowly, she grabbed one boobs and squeezed as she moved up and down his dick.

She moved up to the top of his dick and sat down back, she did that three more times moaning softly each time, she put her hands on his chest and started to move fast, she bounced on his dick moving really fast, she pinched her nipples with one hand and cried out as she came trashing all over him.

When her orgasm finally slowed down she stood up and looked at him, he was obviously wanting more but she’s had enough at least for now☺️. We have the whole weekend to ourselves .

Written by: Adebowale Remilekun

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