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Here Comes the Bride by Olabode Emmanuel Olawumi

I was stiff as a board; my heart was racing, my ears ringing like an alarm clock “Ma… Ma…Ma” I couldn’t speak past the ache in my throat. Time Froze…….

Masheek had called earlier in the afternoon to inform me of a dinner date which he promised would leave an eternal imprint on my heart.

This dude never ceases to electrocute my heart. The other day when I was at work. The receptionist called my desk to inform me that I had a visitor. The guest refused to mention his name. All he told her was that it was an emergency.

I dashed downstairs. “Who could it be? What could the emergency be?” Upon getting downstairs, I saw my dark-skinned knight carrying a bouquet. I jumped into his waiting arms. I didn’t need to ask him what he was doing at my office. It was a surprise visit. He also brought treats from Domino’s and Cold Stone. I didn’t see that coming.

While we were chatting two hours earlier, I had informed him that I was starving because I skipped lunch. It was a busy day. I couldn’t afford to leave the office. He didn’t say much. And there he was, with my favourite indulgence.

With Simi’s Duduke singing in my head, I kissed him passionately, I didn’t give two freaks about it being a work environment, and I wished I didn’t have to let him go but I had work to return to. I hugged him again, taking in his Clive Christian perfume. He picked me up after work and we went to see a new movie, “Five Feet Apart”.

Masheek is a dream I never want to wake up from. His love is intoxicating, heady, addictive, too good to be true *sigh*. I’ve been with other men who crushed my heart, like grapes in a wine press. They always leave. Oftentimes, I think, maybe I’m not enough, maybe, I’m not facially endearing, maybe, I lack men pleasing skills, maybe God left out the ‘men love me ointment’ during creation or maybe, just maybe they want more than I can give. That’s it! They want more than I can give.

A few months ago, I was invited to a house party organised by an old friend. I thought it would be an opportunity to get to see and hang out with my former classmates in the university since most of them were on the guest list. Life has a way of making people grow apart. Everyone gets busy trying to figure it out. Little did I know it was going to be an unforgettable experience.

The party was hosted in a dimly lit and steamy room full of 20-somethings, I don’t drink nor smoke so I held on to my bottle of water while I swung my hips to the deafening music and danced like there was no tomorrow.

I was dancing by myself when an apple faced voluptuous lady doing a slow-motion sensual waist movement approached me, she whispered in my ears to join her.

We rocked each other the way a guy and girl would have; it was rousing……steamy……sensual……erotic. It was mutually gratifying. We left the dance floor and found a secluded place at the apartment.

We talked about things I can’t recall. Before I knew what was happening, she planted a kiss on my lips, at first I was spooked, but then some warmness began to spread across my body and I reciprocated. That night changed everything, I realized my body only wanted to be pleased by a woman, not a man.

My doorbell rang. Masheek, my favourite chocolate was at the door looking spruce and yummy. He commented on my outfit, told me how snazzy it was, He called me his Hera and promised to serve me all his life. I looked away shyly. He took my waist with his large hands and drew me closer to him, breathing hot hair down my neck. He planted soft kisses on my neck and trailed it down to my lips. I completely came undone. He couldn’t stop complimenting on our drive down to the Ocean View restaurant not far away from the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge. He hinted again that he had a surprise for me.

Despite my excitement and longing to witness the breathtaking spectacle he had planned, my thoughts were disconcerted. I was trying to figure out the best way to break it to him…

On our arrival, Masheek pulled a disappearance stunt on me. The restaurant was dimly lit. Lanterns were lined to form a pathway, while roses were splayed on the floor. My heart began to melt. Masheek appeared by my side, he held my hands and guided me through the lantern and roses trail to an empty table for two facing the ocean. The scenery was magical.

As I was about to sit, a lady appeared from behind whom he introduced as his sister. I was taken aback when it turned out to be my lover. She smiled, hugged me, and told me that my boyfriend had said a lot about me. I was knocked for six.

As if on cue, Masheek went down on one knee and brought out the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen in my life. “Didi, will you marry me?”

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