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Husband Brutalises His Wife Over Missing N500



A woman  Motunrayo Eweje, has accused her husband of battering her after his missing N500 at their home in Lagos.

Eweje, who is a hairdresser, claims her husband, Ayoyemi Eweje, began to look for his  N500 note where he kept it, but upon not locating the money, he accused her of having something to do with the missing money and brutally beat her up last Tuesday, July 3.

Eweje said she was making a customer’s hair on June 27, when her husband a generator repairer, accused her of taking the money. He ordered her to go look for the money, but she soon returned o finish her customer’s hair. When she finished, he refused to let her into the house. 

Speaking with The Nation, she said her husband asked her to leave the house the next day, and she left with her two children, aged 11 and 5 years, to her friend, Mrs Blessing Jacob’s place. According to her, last Tuesday, July 3, Eweje trailed her to Jacob’s place, beat her up and threatened to kill her and her friend.

Motunrayo said:

My husband was looking for N500 that Wednesday. I was making someone’s hair outside the house when he told my children to call me. He asked for the money. I told him I didn’t know anything about it and I went back outside to continue making the hair. When I finished, I returned home but the door was locked. I had no choice than to go to Mrs Jacob’s place that night.

The following day (Thursday), I went back home to take care of my children, and do some house chores but the door was locked. I went to where he was to get the key. He returned to the house, opened the door, sat down, crossed his legs and told me to pack my things. I did as he said because I was already tired of the marriage and I went back to my friend’s house with my children.

Last Tuesday, he came to my friend’s house around midnight and knocked on the door. My friend and I thought he came to settle the quarrel but he entered the house and beat me seriously, leaving me injured.

I am tired of this marriage and I want it to end. It has been full of quarrels, beatings and arguments. I am not in love again. My husband does not take care of me; he only pays the children’s school fess and house rent. I am the one that takes care of my children both in feeding and clothing. He does not give me money for food.

 Mrs Jacob corroborated Motunrayo’s claims. She told The Nation that;

I quarrelled with her that she should go back to her husband (before the day he came to beat her) and make peace with him, but she said the man didn’t want to see her again, that her things had been thrown outside, that if she went home, he would kill her. That was why I accommodated her.

I went to her husband to beg on her behalf and that he should accept her, but he refused.

He came to my house that Tuesday around midnight. When he was knocking the door, I thought he came to make peace, and to take his children and wife. When he entered, he embarrassed me, saying I was the one encouraging his wife to be wayward. He said he wanted to take his children and suddenly, he started beating his wife.

I told the woman to run out, but he said he was going to kill her, that no police could arrest him. He said I should call whoever I wanted to call.  He said for accepting her in my house, he was going to kill her, and kill me as well.

Eweje, who also spoke with The Nation said he did beat his wife but that it was a mistake. 

He said;

I later remembered that I put N500 in a cartoon on my fridge in the house. I asked the children for it but they said they did not see it. I also asked her for it, she said she did not take it, I told her no one else could have taken the money and that she should go and look for it; but she turned her back on me and left the house and she never came back home till the next day. I wanted to give her that money for food.

He also denied asking her to pack out of the house.

Eweje, who was arrested last Wednesday, said that he was released on Friday on bail after paying N30,000. 

Police spokesperson, Chike Oti said the matter is under investigation.

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