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“It Is Unfair To Preach Against Runs Girls & Not Address BET/Gambling”- Fashion Designer Uche Nnaji Talks On The Ravaging Epidemic In Nigeria


Fashion Designer, Uche Nnaji says it should be worrisome to everyone that many young men now want to engage in betting/gambling instead of working hard to make a living.

In a post shared on his Facebook page this evening, Nnaji said that as much as religious bodies preach against girls doing runs, they should also speak up against this new trend of able-bodied men, particularly in Lekki Phase 1, doing nothing but waiting to gamble.

He wrote,

“A new epidemic is gradually rising and ravaging the youthfulness of our ideal youths, it is not CODEIN, TRAMADOL, MONKEY TAIL or any of those drugs that’s some Nigerian pop stars exalt in their music.

“This new epidemic stealthily ravaging our youths is something that growing up as a lad in Assemblies of God Church in Olodi-Apapa, Pastors preached against gambling and POOL playing.

“This was actually frowned upon as it was seen as promoting LAZINESS and GREED . But today the same POOL that was a past time of OLD-Retired Men has become a mainstay for majority of able bodied Nigerian male youth population.

“Come to Admiralty in Lekki 1 and see how any space with a BETTING sign is packed with people standing outside waiting for their turn to PLAY.
The irony in all of this is that the POOR /Simple-minded remain the victim as with little as #100, they say a little prayer and BETs with the HOPE of a miraculous breakthrough.

“The Govt may not know the monster it is breeding as their interest may just be the TAX collected from these BETting houses, but I believe the “Religious bodies “ have a role to play in curtailing this cancerous trend eating deep into the core fabric of our youths.

“I have already encouraged few of my pastor friends to start speaking up against this because it is unfair to preach against “Runs” girls and not address the “BET “ /Gambling Boys because one thing drives both…GREED.

“Anyway let me close my mouth before they will say asides FASHION & STYLE what else does he know sef.

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