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The Housemates talked Confidence, Insecurity & Bragging on Tonight’s #BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Show

Over the past two days, the housemates of the highly entertaining BBNaija Pepper Dem edition have been filling us in on all the drama in the house.
Tonight’s episode went live and mannnn, they did not disappoint. At all. There was so much tea it was hard to keep up. It was definitely the night of dragging, everyone was just coming for Tacha.
If you didn’t watch it, we can only say sorry. And catch you up on all you missed, because, you know, BellaNaija’s got your back.

Who was the biggest show off in the house?#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Tacha, Kim Oprah and Venita had a whole lot to say.
The first question Ebuka asked was directed at Mercy about her bags of clothes, and she said she came in with many clothes because that’s who she is, she loves to dress up and she hardly repeats clothes. (Lambo way!)

Mercy says she loves to dress up and look good. It’s not showing off.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Talking about showing off and ‘bragging’
Jackye says she was intellectual and only showing who she is.

Jackye says she wasn’t showing off either. She was just being herself.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

After a while, Ike and Kimoprah replaced Jackye and Omashola, then the fun started.
Most of the housemates said Seyi, Tacha and Omashola bragged a lot in the house

They say Tacha and Seyi bragged the most. Omashola too. What do you think?#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Kimoprah pointed out that Tacha brags a lot and said she didn’t back up her bragging that it was just mouth. She said Tacha was rude from the start when she came into the house and said everyone followed her into the house. She also said Seyi did the same thing as much as it was.

Kim Oprah doesn’t think Tacha backed up her bragging with actions.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Our beautiful Lawyer, Esther believes that people were only putting others down to get ahead because it’s a game.

Esther says Big Brother is a game, and it’s only fair to get into people’s heads to get ahead.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Are you ready for Tacha’s response? Well, she said Kim should fix her insecurities and the only time they both stood up in the house Kimoprah left. She went on to say, Kim shouldn’t bring in sentiments in a game and if she’s not strong enough she should have stayed at home.

Tacha has two replies for Kim Oprah: she needs to fix her insecurities, and the one time they were both up for eviction, Kim Oprah was evicted.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Tacha says as an alpha female, people tend to get intimidated.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

That’s how the night turned to a discussion of bragging, insecurities and confidence.
Kim Oprah cleared Tacha for being disqualified.

Kim Oprah has a lot to say.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Mercy literally rolled on the floor laughing.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

It was Venita’s turn to speak and she dropped a bombshell. She said, hurt people hurt people and said that’s why Tacha is the way she is. She said she genuinely feels that Tacha doesn’t know another way to act, and will learn eventually and develop another way to be confident.

Venita says Tacha’s case is one of: hurt people hurt people.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Housemates discuss confidence vs bragging

Ike says he’s beyond confident and he has no need to brag.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Tacha telling the difference between confidence and arrogance. She never put anyone down intentionally, she says. She had to hype herself.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Tacha says if people are having an issue with her reassuring herself, then that’s on their insecurities, not her.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

Seyi says “bragging is when you’re literally an empty barrel just making noise all over the place” (We think he indirectly called Tacha an empty barrel, again)

Seyi says bragging is when one is an empty barrel rolling down the room.#BBNaijaReunion #BNxBBNaijaReunion
— BellaNaija (@bellanaija) June 3, 2020

All in all, we can’t wait for the next episode of the reunion show. Until then, see ya!
Photo Credit: dstvnigeria

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