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I am a Nigerian Youth with a Voice and a Passionate Drive for Positive Change – DOTTI

Hi dotti, not to dive in too quickly but who is dotti? 
(deep breath) Dotti is an eclectic singer/songwriter. My name Okeowo Oladotun Alani was born on the 20th July, 1994.

My uncle was my first contact with music. I grew up in badagry, Lagos where i had my primary and secondary education and OnaAra Nursery and Primary school and Odafin High school respectively. I also studied Music Technology from The Polytechnic, Ibadan.
Evolving from leading worship in the choir to a broader and secular music, I partook in a lot of karaoke contests, winning some of them. I also met a couple of friends that exposed me to a lot of unpopular musical genres including Jazz and soul.

I  has graced a couple of platforms including Ibadan Countdown Festival, Lagos Fringe Music, and the foremost Trenchard hall of The University of Ibadan.

I am a Nigerian youth with a voice and a passionate drive for Positive change. I believe so much in LOVE and Hope for a better tomorrow.

I know this might sound really cliché but Why music?
Well….I’m an art enthusiast. Music is the art I find myself most expressive. I can reach out to a large spectrum of people across the world with my sound.

How did the music love come about?
Music was everywhere in the house. As an infant, I could sing every song on the radio. And every time I opened my mouth to sing, people are always endeared to me. It didn’t matter where I was or who I was with, I never felt ashamed singing. So for me,Music is the life!

How has been the journey so far?
Wow…it’s expected….highs and lows….but it’s been exciting.

I know you are a contestant on the ongoing reality show, STARDOM, how did that happen?
Yea….STARDOM NIGERIA came at a time when I needed a drastic game changer. Needed a platform and exposure. A friend told me about the audition, I went, the Maestros….Cobhams, Ego, Rotimikeys and producers of the show loved me. The rest is history.

Your style of music is quite different, place a name on your style of music?

Hmmm…..there is a lot of influences in my sound but the bedrock is SOUL and FOLK music.

What are your plans after the show?
Well we were already working on a project titled MIDE:ORIN MEENLA(meaning fourteen songs). The plan is making it better.
I plan to resume and make better my video series called DOTTI’S IMPRESSION

Who are your musical role models?
Wow…..they are quite a number. Bez Idakula, Adekunle Gold, Mali Music, Ben L’oncle Soul, Ed Sheeran and John Legend.

What is your take on the 2019 presidential elections?
It’s quite sad that we find ourselves at this point, but the power is still in our hands. Let’s come out in mass and perform our civic rights. Vote in the right person.

Your fashion sense I must say is quite daring so if I may ask what can you not be caught wearing?
Well… I’m simple but I’m a little carefree as regards people’s opinion. So I’ll wear anything that suits the mood. But I’ll never go bare chested or unnecessarily shiny…..if you know what I mean.

What/who motivated you?
I’ve always loved Pharrell’s urban style, Jidenna and Mr Eazi’s Neo-African statements.

What would you say to your future self?
Never lose sight of what matters most which is Love and Family. Family in this context is ambiguous.
Thank you so much for this tête-à-tête. Shout out to all my friends, family and support community. I love you all.


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